gm application from mroddLosloL

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gm application from mroddLosloL

Post by zmaplefreak on Sun Aug 31, 2008 8:58 pm

These are the rules

[x] Must Have atleast reached level 200 Once Ingame
[x] Must Not Have any innopopriate Names.
[x] Must be active
[x] Must HELP people at all costs.
[x] Must Be On Atleast 3 Hours per day, If Not then 1 is fine.
[x] Must Not have any enemies (This rule can be bent)
[x] Must Like Maynoise Or Ketchup If Not then your not quialify
[x] Must Not Post Any Unnipropriate Adult Material Such as EX; Porn.
[x] Must Respect Everyone And I Mean everyone.

Now For the layouts

Name Bryan

Time Zone +8gmt 10.30am

Age 14

Where You live Singapore

Any Experinces? yes

If So then what were they?I have play about 40 private server and in these 40 i hv become a gm for 6 servers but the server was voring cause they do not hv player command or the gm there will just giv free item and push the blame.

Do you dislike Anyone on the staff?Till now all the stuff were good especially GMHannah she help in this application so thx alot XD.

How would you contribute to CharaMS I will try to on for at least 4hrs a day and try to catch more hacker.

Lastly, Do you like Mayo and Ketchup.this questiopn may be funny?? but ya i still like but mayo better...


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